Early Vermont Medicines

Woods Aromatic Spirits - Bellow Falls, VT
(iron Pontil)

Three Henry and Sons Medicines from Waterbury, VT
Pair of Vermont Liniments, (smooth & pontil) and Stillingia compound

Four Amber Vermont Medicines
Johnson's Calisaya Bitters - Burlington VT · Celery Compound M.K. Paine - Windsor VT
Thorn's Hop & Burdock Tonic - Brattleboro VT - large and small variant (smooth base)

Pair of Dr. Boyces Tonic Bitters
Henry & Co., Waterbury VT and Fenn & Tuttle
Rutland VT (smooth base)

Dr. Gould's Botanic Bitters West Randolph VT
Label only (tubular pontil)


Gilberts Sarsaparilla Bitters
Enosburgh Falls VT (smooth base)

Jarvis Blood Renovator
Burlington VT
Labeled and embossed

D.W Bancroft's Bitters
Marshfield VT

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Early Vermont Medicines
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