DR. S.N. GOULD COUGH & LUNG BALSAM – West Randolph, Vermont

Antique pontiled medicine bottle for sale

Description: Scarce Vermont Balsam, prepared by DR. S.N. Gould of West Randolph Vt. Label is complete and in pretty good condition; For Cough, Cold, Croup and all affections of the lungs and chest ect.  DR.S.N.GOULD also prepared Botanic Bitters and Good Samaritan Remedy also both from West Randolph, Vermont. Dr. Gould’s Botanic Bitters bottle has colorful graphics of Native Americans (see photo gallery for example).

Height: 6.75"

Color: Clear

Condition: Complete label in good condition, very readable.

Price:  SOLD

Item No. 208



Antique pontiled medicine bottle for sale