DOCT. MARSHALL’S SNUFF – Pontiled – Mint Example

Antique pontiled medicine bottle

Description: Dr Benjamin Marshall of New York City had been a practicing physician since 1821 when he began selling the “snuff” in the 1830’s. Charles Bowen, of Montpelier, Vermont became the sole proprietor of the brand about 1840. Bowen speculated in medicinal brands and became a wealthy man (Compliments of Bill & Betty Wilson). Doctor Marshall's Snuff was advertised to cure catarrh and throat and lung diseases, etc. This is one of the first Dr.Marshall Snuff bottles!


Height: 3.5" H.

Color: Aqua.

Condition: Excellent, crude rolled lip, open pontil.
Price: SOLD

Item No. 184

Antique pontiled tonic bottle
doctor marshalls snuff bottle

doctor marshalls snuff bottle