Rare Labeled M.K. PAINE Druggist – Prof. Lamoreaux’s Specific Mixture

Description: Milton K. Paine was a pharmacist as early as the 1840’s in Windsor, Vt. This very early medicine was prepared by M.K. Paine Druggist and Apothecary and dates to 1864 as indicated by M.K. Paine stamp on back. Bottle is very crude and has an attractive flared lip, smooth base. Label is about 98% intact.
PROF. LAMOREAUX’S SPECIFIC MIXTURE – A Certain and Speedy Cure for Gonorrheoea, Cleet, Fluoralbu and all Kindred Complaints.
Compound is carefully prepared from prescription of Prof. Lamoreaux, of the Academy of Medicine and Physician of the Hospital in Paris.
Sold Wholesale and Retail by M.K. Paine – Windsor, Vermont. Price One Dollar.

Embossed: Label only.

Height: 6.25”

Color: Aqua.

Condition: Very good.

Price: SOLD

Item No. 117